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Adult Shred –8pm Thursday (18+) - Class Pack Redemption

A session designed just for adults giving you a chance to train and play in our facilities after the kids go home. | Join one of our classes to get hands on instruction in your favorite sport. Our coaches will guide groups through an hour of intuitive progressions for all the sports we offer in our Actions Sport Hub. These classes are offered multiple times each week and are an excellent way to learn new skills and perfect old ones. Guests can drop-in for a single class or purchase a 10-pack of classes.

Here is a link to redeem your classes:  https://shop.woodwardparkcity.com/customer/printvouchers#/.  If you first purchased a 10 Class Pack, this link provides you with 10 voucher codes to use for each class.  Only members who have purchased class packs will be eligible for assignment to class pack redemption products. Then copy and paste a voucher code and use this to pay for your class, by entering it the field that says "Pay with Class Pack Voucher" on the Payment step of checkout.

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Adult Shred –8pm Thursday (18+)  - Class Pack Redemption

Thank you for choosing Woodward Park City!  We are excited for your visit to our community hub of fun and progression.

If this is your first visit to Woodward Park City head over to our Guest Services desk inside the Action Sports Hub to check-in and pick up your Wristband.  If you are already part of the Woodward family, head to the Front Desk prior to each class so we can check you in.

Now you are ready for the class to begin!  Your Woodward coach will guide your group through an hour of intuitive progressions helping you develop the skills you desire.

Don’t forget Woodward Park City is open year-round for your progression needs. To learn about the perks of being a monthly member CLICK HERE

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We look forward to spending time with you and hope you enjoy your class.

* Changes or cancellations of classes must be made 48 hours in advance and will be charged a 10% processing fee (changes are subject to program availability). Cancellation of a program or lesson within 48 hours is non-refundable. Every effort will be made to re-schedule your class.

* We do not issue refunds due to weather and/or snow conditions, or for children who are unwilling to participate or become ill after being in our care 15 minutes past the start of their class.

* No-Shows (any lesson not changed as stated previously) will be forfeited.