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Influencer Membership

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Memberships - Influencer 50% Discount

Monthly membership for unlimited access to all indoor and outdoor facilities. One influencer membership per order is accepted, but you can use your influencer code in multiple orders. Please enter your team-specific promo code in checkout. |


Want to play at Woodward Park City every single day? The Monthly Membership includes:

  • Unlimited lift access to Mountain Parks (Weather permitting)
  • Unlimited Action Sports Parks access (Weather permitting)
  • Unlimited Action Sports Hub sessions*
  • Unlimited Tubing Park sessions* (Winter only)

Membership Perks

  • Free Experiential Tour during first session (indoor only)
  • Free zone coaching
  • Discounts on Camps, Weekend Programs, Lessons and Classes
    • Community events
    • Free high fives!


    • Monthly Memberships require a minimum 3-month contract
      • Monthly auto-withdrawal:  The Contract is in force effective from date of purchase, for a minimum period of 3 months, with automatic renewal each month on the same day of the month, until cancelled by either you or Woodward Park City upon written notification 30 days in advance of the next billing date. 
    • Monthly auto-withdrawal until cancellation
    • Passholders under age 7 have restricted access. For passholders ages 4-6, parent supervision and engagement is required in all open Hub and Tubing sessions. Parents to remain on site if their 4-6 year old is in an instructional program such as a class or lesson. For ages 3 and under, Hub and Tubing sessions are limited to specific times of day and require parent supervision and engagement at all times.
    • Tax not included
    • Service will be deactivated on your account if payment is late, you have 7 days to reactivate at the same rate.
    • Memberships may be frozen in case of injury for up to 2 months at a time, once per year. Freeze dues are $10 per month.

    * Sessions are 2 hours; during peak capacity, sessions may be sold out. Reservations recommended.



    Contact us at info@woodwardparkcity.com for help logging in