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Weekend Programs

Multi-week program with professional Woodward Coaches in our world class indoor and outdoor facilities. Choose consecutive Saturdays and/or Sundays. All ability levels ages 7+. |
Woodward Weekend Programs are designed for athletes of all ability levels that want to consistently progress their skills throughout the year. Our weekend programs for Snowboarding, Skiing or Multi-Sport run from 10am - 4pm. Multi-Sport program includes instruction in all sports offered inside the Hub such as trampolines, parkour, skateboard, scooter and bike. To ensure the best progression experience possible, groups are based on age and ability with the same professional Woodward Coach each session.(*)

All Weekend Programs Include
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities including outdoor Mountain Park and indoor Action Sport Hub 
  • Logically progressive features and training techniques 
  • Proprietary indoor training tools  
  • Small group sizes 
  • Positive relationship building 
  • Recreational games and activities 
  • Access to Professional athletes 
  • Snow, rain or shine, good times guaranteed with our indoor Hub! 

 *Coaches may vary by sport and/or activity as well as operational needs 

Program Details: 

  • Instruction is from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
  • Drop off begins at 8:30 AM and pick up ends at 5:30 PM. (Supervised activities provided during drop-off and pick up) 
  • Flexible schedules available; select Saturdays, Sundays, or both.
  • Lunch and access to wheeled action sports equipment included (snowboard/ski rentals not included) 
  • Helmets are required (not included) 
  • 15% discount for Members applied at checkout 


* Changes or cancellations of programs and lessons must be made 48 hours in advance and will be charged a 10% processing fee (changes are subject to program availability). Cancellation of a program or lesson within 48 hours is non-refundable. Every effort will be made to re-schedule your lesson.

We do not issue refunds due to weather and/or snow conditions, or for children who are unwilling to participate or become ill after being in our care 1 hour past the start of their lesson.

* No-Shows (any lesson not changed as stated previously) will be forfeited.

* For Weekend Programs, there are no refunds or adjustments for missed days. Every effort will be made to re-schedule a day missed (make-ups are subject to program availability).

* For Camps, there are no make-ups, refunds, or adjustments for missed days during a scheduled camp program.


Woodward Weekend Programs 

Welcome to the Woodward Park City family! We are excited to be your community hub for fun and progression every single day of the year. 

Weekend Program arrival starts at 8:30am.  Instruction runs from 10:00am to 4:00pm and pick up is no later than 5:30pm.  If this is your first day at Woodward, pick up your Wristband at the Guest Services desk inside the Action Sports Hub.  This reusable wristband gives you access to all things awesome. Please keep your wristband on at all times while at Woodward Park City.  

After check-in, you’ll be on your way to an action-packed day which includes access to our world-class facilities, lunch, and our progressive Woodward coaching.  We’ll also have supervised recreational activities and games during drop off and pick up.   You’ll join your group based on age and ability level, then let the progression begin! Your Woodward Coach will guide you through using our innovative indoor and outdoor facilities. Our offering of the most cutting edge and proprietary tools combined with our progressive coaching techniques will deliver an awesome Woodward Weekend experience.   

Don’t forget Woodward Park City will be open year-round for your progression needs. To learn about the perks of being a monthly member CLICK HERE 

To sign up for our weekly email blasts and stay informed on all things Woodward Park City CLICK HERE  

Thank you for joining the Woodward family.   We look forward to playing and learning with you this winter! 

* Changes or cancellations of programs and lessons must be made 48 hours in advance and will be charged a 10% processing fee (changes are subject to program availability). Cancellation of program or lesson within 48 hours is non-refundable. Every effort will be made to re-schedule your lesson. 

* We do not issue refunds due to weather and/or snow conditions, or for children who are unwilling to participate or become ill after being in our care 1 hour past the start of their lesson. 

* No-Shows (any lesson not changed as stated previously) will be forfeited. 

For Weekend Programs, there are no refunds or adjustments for missed days.  Every effort will be made to re-schedule a day missed (make-ups are subject to program availability). 

* For Camps, there are no make-ups, refunds, or adjustments for missed days during a scheduled camp program. 


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Private Lessons

Focus on your personal goals and skill development with one of our passionate and professional coaches. |

Indoor Private Lessons have been cancelled through the end of March, for more information please CLICK HERE

Private lessons are available in all the sports and activities offered at Woodward Park City. Individuals can sign up for 1-hour, 3-hour or 6-hour private lesson. We welcome all ability levels and start our privates for ages 3 and up. Request your favorite coach and we will do our best to accommodate. Private lessons can also be arranged for a group or family of up to 5 people. Membership, Lift Ticket and Hub Session required but not included. Please purchase access for all members participating in your private lesson here

Woodward Programs Include:

  • Snowboarding   From the Start Park to our 22’ halfpipe, we have built a snowboarder’s dream park. Our “Hot Laps” is a perfect opportunity for repetition and progression. Our innovative parks have the best beginner park features, three progression parks, the most unique experiential parks including Peace Park and Red’s BKYD, and expert level training venues with our slopestyle lines and Big Air jump. We have incredible tools such as snowboards with handlebars and our patented wheeled ParkBoard equipment to use inside on our ramps, pump tracks, airbags, and foam pits. 
  • Skiing – We have a park for everyone at Woodward Park City, including a Start Park to help guide you through your first time skiing, three progression parks, two slopestyle lines, a Big Air jump and a 22’ Superpipe. We have a creative and non-linear Peace Park and a hike-able rail garden called Red’s BKYD. The progression opportunities aren’t just on the hill, our indoor facility has trampolines, air bags, foam pits and our patented wheeled ParkSki™ equipment to give you the best possible tools and coaching to help you have fun and accomplish your goals. 
  • Mountain Bike - Whether you are new to Mountain Biking, trying to learn your first gap jump, or ready to send it, we have the innovative environments and passionate staff to help you ride!  We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced flow trails in our gravity-fed bike park during the summer. These trails are designed with safety and progression as the top priority and our professional coaches will help you take your riding to the next level. The outdoor pump track, skills park, and dirt jumps are also available in summer to hone your skills, and don’t worry; if the weather’s bad, we’ve got you covered. Mountain bikes are allowed in the indoor facility on the Mega Ramp, pump track, resi jump and concrete park. 
  • Skateboard - You can skateboard 365 days a year in our 10,000sqft indoor concrete skatepark. We also have an awesome miniramp with a spine and the world’s only down rail and ledges over soft stairs to an airbag. The pump track and jumps are amazingly fun and will keep every skater stoked. The features continue outside with two concrete plazas containing ledges, banks, hips, handrails and more. The Connector Path is filled with rollers, berms, and gaps and is another innovative feature that you get only from a Woodward experience.  
  • BMX – Everywhere you look we've got dirt jumps, ledges, wall rides, and mini ramps - a rider’s heaven! A session at Woodward Park City will not leave you disappointed.  Riders will have access to a variety of innovative environments inside the Action Sports Hub including a pump track, 10,000sqft concrete park, mega ramp to foam pit, rail and ledges to airbag, and a jump to resi landing. The outdoor pump track, skills park, and dirt jumps are also available to hone your skills. Our passionate coaches are always happy to help you dial in your new tricks and show you how to use all our awesome progression tools. 
  • Scooter The options for scooters are endless at Woodward Park City. We have a rail, ledges and mini jump to an airbag to help riders warm up and get ready for our mega ramp to foam pit. We also have a jump to resi landing that provides a softer landing surface upon which you can land and ride away.  And then there’s the 10,000sqft indoor concrete park to stomp those new tricks and create your own lines. Outside, we have concrete plazas that are filled with ledges, rails, banks, gaps, and all kinds of ridiculously fun features. All these innovative features make progression inevitable at Woodward Park City. 
  • Parkour - Our Parkour and Freerunning zone is the only dedicated indoor facility in Utah. We have worked with industry experts and our incredible builders to bring the best layout, features and training systems for every guest. We also have an outdoor parkour area that complements our indoor setup and offers even more opportunities for creative lines and individual progression. 
  • Cheer - Our expert cheer staff help you master any skill you need for competitions, personal progression, or just for fun. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a full-sized spring floor, tumble track and rod floor to foam pit. We have 5 string bed trampolines and two Supertramps to ensure you have all the tools you need (and then some). We also have every mat, pad and progression tool imaginable plus passionate cheer coaches to help you dial in your skills. 
  • Trampoline & Tumbling - Trampolines skills are fun for everyone! Woodward’s trampoline & tumbling program is designed to help you develop air awareness skills that apply to any sport. Our facility has two different shapes of Supertramps and 5 fly-bed trampolines. We have mats, pads and equipment of all shapes and sizes to give you all the tools needed to learn any skill you want in the safest and most fun way possible. Our passionate coaches are highly skilled and diligently trained to provide innovative and progressive spotting techniques to help you reach your goals quickly.  
  • Digital Photography – Learn to shoot action sports in our innovative environments.  Our professional equipment and expert staff will help your creative dreams become reality. 
  • Video Production - Learn to shoot, edit and produce action sports films of all kinds.  Gain access to our high quality equipment including cameras, lights, and editing software to create and share your dream edit. 

Memberships - Tier 1

Monthly membership for unlimited access to our indoor and outdoor facilities. |


Want to play at Woodward Park City every single day? The Monthly Membership includes:

  • Unlimited lift access to Mountain Parks (Weather permitting)
  • Unlimited Action Sports Parks access (Weather permitting)
  • Unlimited Action Sports Hub sessions*
  • Unlimited Tubing Park sessions* (Winter only)

Membership Perks

  • Free Experiential Tour during first session (indoor only)
  • Free zone coaching

Discounts on

  • Camps, Weekend Programs, Lessons and Classes
  • Community events
  • Free high fives!


  • Monthly Memberships require a minimum 3-month contract
    • Monthly auto-withdrawal:  The Contract is in force effective from date of purchase, for a minimum period of 3 months, with automatic renewal each month on the same day of the month, until cancelled by either you or Woodward Park City upon written notification 30 days in advance of the next billing date. 
  • Monthly auto-withdrawal until cancellation
  • Passholders under age 7 have restricted access. For passholders ages 4-6, parent supervision and engagement is required in all open Hub and Tubing sessions. Parents to remain on site if their 4-6 year old is in an instructional program such as a class or lesson. For ages 3 and under, Hub and Tubing sessions are limited to specific times of day and require parent supervision and engagement at all times.
  • Tax not included
  • Service will be deactivated on your account if payment is late, you have 7 days to reactivate at the same rate.
  • Memberships may be frozen in case of injury for up to 2 months at a time, once per year. Freeze dues are $10 per month.

* Sessions are 2 hours; during peak capacity, sessions may be sold out. Reservations recommended.